Schools in America

Hi, guys.I am a new Episode writer.I am not an American.So I want to know about schooling system in America more to write my story.About high school, cafe menu, locker system, exams, classroom, subjects (majors, minors, honors, AP) everything.Please help me.

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In America, schools are divided into “grades”
Children start school at age 5 (Have to turn 5 by August 1st) and start in Kindergarten. Some schools have Pre-K which is for 4 year olds.
After Kindergarten, the grades are 1st - 12th grade.
Each school district divides the grades into schools differently. I was in one district where Elementary school was k-4 middle school was 5-8 and high school was 9-12. I was in another district where elementary was k-5, middle school was 6&7, Junior High was 8&9 and High School was 10-12.
9th grade is considered High School, despite being in Junior High in several school districts. It is considered your “Freshman Year”
10th grade is Sophomore, 11th grade is Junior, 12th grade is Senior.
High schools (9-12) have general requirements for graduation. This includes 4 years of English, 3 Sciences (biology, chemistry, physical science), 3 years of math, 3 years of social studies (government, history), and half a year of fine arts. AP is basically Advanced Placement or Accelerated or more in depth on the subject and at the end of the year, you take an “AP Exam” which costs money. If you pass the exam, you can “Clep” out of so many credits in college. There is also concurrent enrollment (which is the route I took) where you take college courses while IN your final two years of high school. I know the university I did concurrent enrollment with had a tuition waiver for HS students, so I only paid the college fees. So basically, I graduated high school with 18 college credit hours which meant I knocked off 1.5 semesters of college. High school doesn’t have “Majors” and “Minors”. You either are taking required classes for graduation, or classes that help prepare you for college.
As far as cafeterias, that varies from school to school. The high school I went to, we had a general bar and a salad bar. You could purchase items individually. You could also bring your own lunch. Once a month, we were allowed off campus pass where we could get lunch from town. In bigger schools, lunch is divided and groups go at different times.
Lockers are assigned at the beginning of the year and have combinations. Depending on how the school is laid out, is how the lockers are located. Like where I went to Junior High, we had a 8th grade hall, and a 9th grade hall. 8th grade lockers were where the 8th grade classrooms are and so on.


We take exams for a week two times per year (before winter break and before summer break)

Food sucks so try to put the worse food that went bad (last year there was a big BIG cockroach on the food

regular, honor and AP
regular- the easiest one, you get put there if you got an average grade in that subject
AP (advance placement) - student choose if they want it, it’s harder and it got its own final exam which you have to pay if you don’t go
honors- they put you there if you are good, but you can choose to not be there (easier than AP obviously)

Highschool has 9, 10, 11 and 12 graders

Lockers in my school aren’t free, you have to pay like 5 bucks

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I’ve tried it and I couldn’t agree more. It’s fucking nasty yet they force you to eat it.

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Yeah, they don’t even let us order food from somewhere cause they want us to eat theirs :nauseated_face:

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