Sci-fi comedy story announcement, wanna hear your thoughts 🤗 ❤

Hi, guys! :blush: I just published a story and I want to know your honest opinion, what you think about it:)

Name: Space Lovers

Genre: Comedy

Description: After discovering the ability to see invisible planets, Ariadna becomes a member of Russian Space Searchers Crew. These six are so different, but still manage to be friends and lighten the atmosphere every time they gather! Help Ariadna and the Crew to discover love, friendship and mysteries of the Galaxy, that are hidden under the polished facade, in the adventure of a lifetime - Space Lovers!

Choices matter, quests and “easter eggs” are included🔍

You’re gonna like it if you’re looking for something in sci-fi genre with mini-games, friendly cosmic atmosphere or you just want to find out a little more about Russian culture​:hugs::purple_heart:

So if you decide too check it out, please share your thoughts and thank you so much for reading this post!!!

Story link -



sounds so cool! Is it in LL?


the cover is INK so it must be ink


Bump :blush:

Oh. Idr read ink.

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Me too :pleading_face:
but good luck for your story :blush:


Thank you!! That’s ok, I got your point😊

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Thank you so much!!!:hugs:

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