Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Romance: SOUL SLAVE (Sneak-Peek) Published!

Description: Lilly, an edgy teen and alien enthusiast, scores sold out tickets to the Annual Alien Expo. While there, things get a little weird, even by her standards! (LL/SL/NH)

NH = Narration Heavy (Can that be a thing? I’ll try it…Maybe it will pick-up? lol)
NH Stories are great for those who enjoy the feel of reading a book.


@LiyahxWrites (I hope you dont mind that I tagged you… It’ ready :slight_smile: )


I can’t wait to read! Once I get a chance.
Prepare for some commentary :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yes, Maim! Looking forward to it!

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And I know you are honost… So if you HATE it… don’t hold back! lol

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I doubt I will, but I got you.
I’ll pm you my feedback/thoughts. Or would you like it on here?

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If its terrible … pm me! hahaha! I’d like the opportunity to fix it first! TY… and no pressure to read it… I just know you asked to inform you when it was ready. ML!

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