Sci-fi or comedy story recommendations?

preferably ones that are lgbt or have lgbt options :smiley:

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My story’s a comedy but they’re are lgbtq characters do you mind? Sadly the Mc is straight, I’m a proud ally!

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i don’t mind !! :slight_smile:

Here’s my story!

Title: Loveless BFFs
Genre: Drama/Comedy
Author: Nora
Instagram: @Nora_writes_episode
Type: Limelight
Description: Gabriella a not so normal girl who falls in love to easily and Nora a girl who doesn’t believe in love at all. They both seem to have perfect lives going to a fancy university on a scholarship. But Gabriella isn’t too bright when it comes to love and Nora would rather be alone. Charlotte, Audrey and Kam, Nora’s sisters like to participate in hilarious schemes to find out things they probably shouldn’t know. What happens when Gabriella meets Alex and Nora gets set up.
Story Link: //

Hello. My story is sci fi with some comedy :blob_hearts:

Story details and link


Hey! I have a short comedy story with 6 chapters. There’s not that much romance in general though.

Description: Online classes can be pretty uneventful during the pandemic of 2020, but lucky (or not) for Fiona, her classmates are a little weird… Will online class be that bad?

Insta: gabi.episode

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Comedy Recs:
The Pregnancy Curse by @Dr.Smile07

  • 1 Female LI (debatable sometimes :joy:) as far as I know & a Male MC.
  • Ink.

Legally Clueless by Char Cee

  • 1 Male LI.
  • LL.

Flunkers’ Club by Zara Jay (unpublished but I’ve had the pleasure of proofreading it and it’s pretty funny. Also has various branches for sexual orientations). When she publishes it, she’ll announce it on her ig: zarajenxo.episode

  • 4 Male LI, 2 Female LI.
  • LL.


Sci-Fi Recs:
Fusion by CG Conti

  • 1 Male LI.
  • LL.

Wired This Way by @lorenbethxox

  • 1 Male/Female LI.
  • LL.

Lifelike by Cindy Gaultier

  • 1 Male/Female LI.
  • LL.

Galactic Game by Lucky

  • 2 Male LI and possibly more, it’s been awhile since I’ve read this.
  • LL.

My Alien Lover by Anyanka

  • 1 Male LI as far as I know.
  • LL.

I have an ongoing RomCom published. The MC is a heterosexual female, however there is a lot of LGBTQ representation throughout.

This is it if you fancy giving it a try :kissing_heart:

That One Moment

RomCom - Limelight

Description: Alina works hard & plays hard, with no time for distractions. One kiss gets, the queen of composure, wrapped up in a web of lies and deceit, always coming back to that one moment.

CC: Yes, limited for the MC & LI.

Chapters: 14 (ongoing).


The links for all my stories is here -

For more details and sneak peeks, check out my Instagram :kissing_heart: @kiki.writes.things