Scifi/mystery recos?

I’m looking for a Sci-fi or Mystery story where choices matters and affects the ending. All of the authors I follow haven’t updated their story so I’m finding a new story to binge on.

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I absolutely love the story vertigo by Ella R. It’s honestly so great and like everyone may seem like a suspect. There’s only I think 10 episodes atm but it’s 100% worth a read!

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Epic cover by Episode.Anika

SS of In-Game Title Page (filter version)

Sci-fi, Fantasy

Limelight (LL)

Persecuted for being a mage, Zedyn has been on the run from the law for years. With the help of a snarky fugitive, will Zedyn gather the courage to fight for life and liberty?

Fun Stuff:
:alpaca: Choose Gender
:alpaca: Limited MC CC
:alpaca: One LI (the story takes place over a couple days, so it’s a strangers-to-crush relationship that has an impact on the story’s ending)
:alpaca: Points
:alpaca: Choices Matter
:alpaca: 4 Endings
:alpaca: My Weird Sense of Humor
:alpaca: Savage Glasses
:alpaca: Advanced Directing
:alpaca: Cheap Gem Choices (You don’t have to spend any if you don’t want to, though)
:alpaca: Minigames

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It’s only 3 episodes, but it’s complete!

Recommendations (not mine):
Seeker is a very good story, but there is some un-aliving of oneself.
Divided By Night by Silver Lady is awesome.
Escaping Eternal is an older one (INK old) and is action, but it’s awesome and I haven’t beaten it yet.


I’ll give that a try! TY

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IT has everything I love in a story, THANK YOU

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Hello, my completed story seems like what you’re looking for. It’s a sci-fi genre with mystery as it’s sub genre. Hope you can give it a chance.

Story Card

iH Story Card

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