:blob_hearts: Scouting For A Lovely Cover Artist :blob_hearts:

Hey! I hope everyone’s having a lovely day :relaxed: :two_hearts:
I’ve been and looked at loads of art shops but can’t find myself a dedicated, good cover artist :slightly_frowning_face:
I’m looking for somebody who could do a cover with 3 INK characters (1 female, 2 males ) drawn not edited please.
If anyone can or knows somebody who can please tag them or PM me on here :innocent:

All the details and any info needed is here >>


Female (standing screen center, looking forward)
Skintone - Toffee
Eyebrows - Defined Natural
Hair - Long Feathered, Black
Nose - Eleven
Face - Oval
Mouth - Full round , Crimson
Eyes, White Downturned Natural

Male 1 (standing screen right slightly behind the female. Body facing right but looking forward)
Skintone- Toffee
*Eyebrows - Thick Arch
Hair- Black, Short Cropped Hair
Nose- Button
Face - Defined Triangle
Mouth- Uneven, Toffee
Eyes- Green, Deepset Sloping

Male 2 (standing screen left also slightly behind the female, body facing left but also looking forward)
Skintone- Toffee
Eyebrows - Thin Arch
Hair- Black, Boy Bun
Nose- Button
Face - Diamond
Mouth- Uneven, Toffee
Eyes- Green, Deepset Piercing

They aren’t LI to the girl, there all siblings



That or something/anything similar :white_heart:

Male 1 & 2

No real preferance, any pose from the epy catalog or custom but can they both got to be looking forward please! :grin:

Anything, but can they all be wearing something blue pleasee?
Doesn’t have to be from the catalog, you can make it up idm :relaxed:

If you can help it’ll be muchh appreciated and I’ll give credit every episode I write while using the cover :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thank you, have a lovely day everyone :blob_hearts:

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Hey. I don’t know if you want for the cover to be in the ink style, but if you don’t, Check out my friend @parksinroses on insta. She did my cover as well as my art scenes for my story. Hopefully it helps.

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Thank you I do want it in INK though thanks for helping though :blob_hearts:

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Hi I do make ink covers! Here are my examples

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i’ve found a cover artist thank you but girl i your artwork is so good honestly :star_struck: :white_heart:

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Thank you! GL

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Closed: Requested by Op @Mae_xox :v: