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Scream Louder

“22 years after the vicious killing spree of 1996, Sidney Prescott moved on with her life and is now on her book tour in San Francisco.”

You turn off the radio, yawning and sipping on a cup of morning Joe. Yeah, we all heard that on the news, it’s not interesting anymore. Who even kills people in a mask in 2018 anyway? That’s such a 90’s move.

Of course you’d say that until summer vacation ended, the time came to go back to school and wake up early for a plain and boring day in Woodsboro.

But as the disappearance of a well known classmate, Brad Hettley, goes world wide, the media starts to get interested in Woodsboro once again. But it can’t be a murder, right? Those stuff doesn’t happen in Woodsboro anymore…

Until Brad’s body was found just miles outside of your previous small and peaceful town.

Everyone’s just overreacting, isn’t that what people do? Hurry up, you can’t think about this! It’s your first day of a new year in High School and you don’t want to be late!

Hey everyone! So this is an rp based off of the 1st movie SCREAM. (Also based off of the SG I wrote about it, lol.)

Rules for this RP:

  1. You have to be active.
  2. No hate comments towards other characters.
  3. Be nice, please. Unless you’re character is a total beatch.

2 people are allowed to have the same Clique (3 max.)
For example: Person 1 and Person 3 and Person 5 are nerds. Person 7 can’t be a nerd as well.

I will update which cliques are taken. :yum:

Also, in the sign up sheet there is a Female and a Male character section. You can choose which one to fill out, or both if you want to!

I hope that made sense, and I hope a lot of people sign up!

Sign Ups: Gotta sign up somewhere
Adoptions: Coming Soon
Faceclaims: Under Construction atm but here you go
Clues: Coming Soon

Peace! :smile:


Just tagging all my friends that might be interested:
@stephp99 @literally.amber @Cristy @Purple_Ghost @Mashia @Cam @oorgeloop @KQUEEN


Bumping! Also tagging some people from the old SG.






i might sign up for this, but i think you should give everyone free choice of gender. if you pick a gender they don’t want it might put them off participating in the roleplay.


@Ella you do have point, I’ll look into it. Thank you!


Update: You can now choose which gender section to fill out! Or fill out both if you want to have a male and female character! I hope more people sign up now. Thanks!


@LukeDaCat hope you like my response :wink:


Thank you so much!


@Tellyg47 I’m going to need a faceclaim from you for Lucky


Working on it


image But he has blue highlights no smile and maybe a little darker and more rough up clothes like he been had this clothes!!!


okay thanks!


Red eyes!


I’m not gonna photoshop it…


Then find a faceclaim that matches what you need.


Yeah I’m going to try but it hard since I’m in a rush today!


And I’m not good at pictures


or, ask to put that extra information on the character slides. So, you can keep that face claim. but the others will know those extra appearance features


Yeah that can work.