“22 years after the vicious killing spree of 1996, Sidney Prescott moved on with her life and is now on her book tour in San Francisco.”

Yeah, we all heard that on the news, it’s not interesting anymore. Who even kills people in a mask in 2018 anyway? That’s such a 90’s move.

Of course you’d say that until summer vacation ended, the time came to go back to school and wake up early for a plain and boring day in Woodsboro.

But as the disappearance of a well known classmate, Brad Hettley, goes world wide, the media starts to get interested in Woodsboro once again. But it can’t be a murder, right? Those stuff don’t happen anymore in Woodsboro…

Until Brad’s body was found just miles outside of your previous small and peaceful town.

Everyone’s just overreacting, isn’t that what people do? Hurry, you can’t think about this! It’s your first day of a new year in High School and you don’t want to be late!

Hey everyone! So this is an SG revamped from one of my favourite horror movies, Scream. If you wanna join here is the link:


Just a few rules:

  1. You’ll need to be quite active for this SG, since there will be a lot of choices for you to answer about your character.

  2. If you skip a question 3 times in a row, then your character will be killed off or adopted.

Excited to see where this story goes!

Who Posts Next? (GAME)

Reserve! :smile:


Just going to drop this here so you can keep these guidelines in mind while playing:

Enjoy the horror otherwise :slight_smile:


I joined! :purple_heart:


YAY :smile:


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Are any of you interested in joining an SG?


Never done it. What do you do? :thinking:


Well, in an rp (role play) you play as a character and talk to other characters and make a story. In an sg (story game) you make your own character, and the person who created the sg writes the story, you get decisions to make for your character at the end of each chapter, and the creator will ask you questions now and then about your character.

This is an sg.


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Are any of you interested in joining an SG?




I’m down




Thank you!


I Submitted.


@jdepisode hey! This one actually has murder in it :joy:




Ok guys so just a quick word: All the requests I have gotten so far is for female nerds, so all the people who are gonna see this later and want to sign up PLEASE don’t make a female nerd. PLEASE. There are dozens of cligues in high school nerds are just 1 of them. Thanks for reading this. :innocent:




This will still be within guidelines right? I don’t wanna make a character and have the rp closed down :joy:


sure lol, I don’t really know what to do though… lol :joy: