Screen Directing Assistance

Hello! While coding my story I have run into a small problem since I am still fairly new to all of this. One of my characters is already in the foreground standing screen right and I would like him now to move to screen left. Unfortunately I don’t know how and it says something about a layer which I am not familiar enough with. I you could respond and help me with my problem that would be amazing!

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Did you try @CHARACTER moves to screen left ?

Yes and for some reason it continues to say to use layer.

Could you send a screenshot?

Is this LL?

Haha, I just realized its not ’moves’ its ’walks’

When you use the ’move’ command it’s for moving the character to another layer. ’Walks’ is for getting the character to walk to a different spot.

OMG yes lol it worked! Thank you so much!

:slight_smile: Anytime.

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