Screen looking weird?

Technically there’s nothing wrong but I found this interesting because when I first started writing it wasn’t like that and as I went on this things started to pop up :joy:

I think it’s due to the new portal update but idk. Is anyone else facing this?

Need to add it doesn’t bother me at all but there’s a point it’s stressing!
The more lines I add, the more frames are made to the point where they interfere with my script.


yes. lol

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What the fuuc

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Yep, mine kept flashing excessively to the point I got dizzy. I closed it out and went back in lol damn things possessed I’d say :zombie:‍♂

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yeah you should properly reload the page

Yep, this is happening to me too.

Yeah, I’m getting this, too, and it’s quite annoying.

Same thing’s been happening to me too, I have to refresh every couple of minutes or else it’ll start to get on my nerves :sob:

Same. Idk why it’s doing this but I’ve had the same issue.

i get that too :pensive: