Screen shake help?

Can someone please help me shake the screen in this scene??
How to shake screen while someone is screaming??

You’d need to use zooms I think. Do you know how to work zooming?

Yeah I know something like @zoom on x y in 0.1

But what I’m really asking is I want to shake the screen like a vertical shake(?) but I did the zoomings and it doesn’t come out quite good

I’ve never come across a feature for shaking the screen. You’ll have to make it zoom up and down multiple times to create that effect. I use it in my story to :slight_smile:

So camera shaking is basically just a whole load of zooms after one another at really fast speeds

Make sure you’re zoomed in enough that the camera has some place to move around the screen (if that makes sense) and then move your camera around with the zoom helper and then place those zoom positions one after another in your code (I would recommend at the speed of 0.5 if you wanna make it fast)

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If you still don’t I can send you a the code from my story?

Camera screen shake template from