Screen Split w/ two characters on the phone?


So I looked up how to do screen split and all but everyones saying resize your image, (and I did with an app or whatever on my laptop), but how am I supposed to import that image to my script? I’m trying to do the screen split when two different characters are on the phone and im so confused.

if someone could help i would appreciate it sm xx


It might be an overlay?


You need a new background made from 2 different backgrounds, or you can insert an overlay with the other background.

If you want new background or an overlay, I can help you, but you have to tell me what backgrounds you want to use.


Like what AdyElly said. ^^

If you want any help with the screen split, I’m here to help. Check Plethora Graphics | Graphics & Covers - Briar Rose - O P E N! for my examples if you’re not sure.


I’m really new to the community i don’t even know what a splash is. Its probably obvious but i’m dumb lol, sorry


No, actually, you’re not. Don’t say that! A splash is kind of a made background, not coming from Episode’s background themselves.


You’re not. I’ve learned months before I could make effects, animations or other things. I still learn new stuff every day.
Lots of backgrounds are made by users. Episode have only few ones, to take inspiration from there.


Ok thank you so much for the help


Yeah there’s so much you can do, thanks for informing me. Also I cropped my two backgrounds to the width as 640 and height as 1136 i just don’t know how to merge it together to make it into one background, or the overlay you mentioned, not sure what overlay i’m supposed to be using. Sorry if i’m being a bother or making this confusing


You can use Paint to make your background if you don’t have any other program for edit pictures - if you want to make it by yourself.
Open one of your backgrounds and then import the other one.

Or you can ask someone to make it for you.


Thank you so much!! I figured it out!