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Hello there , I need help with making the screen appear in full . It sounds confusing but when I’m writing my story with the characters . They are too close to the screen and I can barely see the background , I lower the size of my characters but it’s still the same . Please help , thank you .

Are you using zoom before? Do you mind showing me the script?
Try zoom reset, it should set zoom in default

No I haven’t used zoom before , it’s just the background doesn’t appear wide enough . I know there is panning but I see some stories with the screen widened .

You probably have to zoom out a little bit
Zoomed out


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you can change the zoom quickly by
@zoom reset
if that is what you mean, or customize it by going to the preview box and
Director Helper>Zoom Helper>Zoom tool
and then copying and paste the zoom settings below.

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Thank you very much , this is what I mean .

Thank you very much

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Np, if you need a cover pm me or put a request on the thread.

I am a artist too

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