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So I redid this just bc…

Examples LL

pfp meee

Examples INK



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I can make you a more detailed one!

You name it I make it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart:

If I like how yours turns out I’ll post it on my insta

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Cover/Art Scene Form

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(I can only draw for ink)
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Charater(s) Outfits:

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@Honey_Niha here are your covers

If you want anything changed just ask!

Thank you :blush:. I love these… But can you make another one without blush… In my description, Shane and Alina both are strong characters… But in this they look so cute…

lol! ofc love
just give me a minute

Try this one if it works I’ll resize the other one too

Wait, I can send you an example, and that is also your work.

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Like that example… And If you have any other ideas I would love that. Of course I will use all of that as my splashes also…

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ok no problem…
instaed of that pose for the girl can I put her arm around the boy

Around his neck is good I think :thinking: what’s your opinion about that?

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I’ve done it before

Yes like that, can you do both for me please?

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Hi can I request a character card? queen scribbles


style: ink
character details:
name: Kat
skin tone: tan
hair: fawn, straight
eyes: green, upturned bold
eyebrows: seductive arch
nose: upturned
lips: full round, plum
face: oval
outfit: dark denim jeans, plain tank top, black sporty chic sneakers, if you can could you also add big silver hoops, if you can’t that’s totally fine


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you want to to look like the ink verison or the ll verison

Ink version please

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kay no problem

Thank you!

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Hey @Honey_Niha
I actually kinda made them hold hands instead… if that ok???
also did you want me to change to small cover too…

does’t work

Ok imma try one more time… hold on!
Is it to big or small??

here is your charater card
with hoops/ without and with smaller ones
idk if it looks weird so I just did 3

if you want anything changed just ask!
if you like it and want anything else just ask…