Script Cheat Sheet?

I love Episode and I want to try making my own story. There is just one problem, though. I find it hard making and understanding the actual script and commands, and I have tried tutorials from Joseph Evan, but things aren’t working out the best. Is there a script cheat sheet out there with all the commands, or most of them, and how to use them or something like that? If so, it would really help. Or can someone tell me all or most of the commands and give me examples of stuff on what they do and how they work and how to use them. To sum it up I am not good at scripting on computer, and I need a run-through or something to show me everything, like a PDF or something.

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Here is a list of every single command available.

If you want to learn about those commands, you can view my guides here:


I use Dara Amarie’s website
She has a lot of script templates and guides to help


As Dara mentioned, the All Script Commands page is a great resource, I use it all the time when I forget how to phrase a command (ie. which words to use, in which order, so I don’t get an error). It’s very concise, though, not heavy on description, just the specific commands. You’d have to use her guides or guides on the forums to figure out how to use them. I’ve found certain forum guides super helpful, but I don’t think there’s a master list of them that’s up-to-date. :s


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