Script/Coding Error

can someone help me with my script I think i did something wrong but im not sure

What do you think you did wrong?

Can you share your script?

I want to have my character in screen center but she keeps going to the far right & idk why

Also after I did the transition, it takes me to the end of the episode instead of the start of the next scene

Try putting
@/follow CYNTHIA to screen center in zone 2
@/CYNTHIA enters from left to screen right

(switch the order)

I tried but it didn’t work

Did you zoom in? If you did in your previous scene you’d have to &zoom reset.
Because I tried it and it works fine.

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okay i think i got it now thank you :blush:

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No problem :blob_hearts:

& can you also help me with my other problem ?
so basically i did a transition to start the next scene but it takes me to the end of the episode instead of the next background which is INT. STAIR HALLWAY DAY

hmmm did you put the end scene in your template? If that’s not it can you show me the script above line 1003 please?

I just have the dressing game template with the hair & lipstick template

It jumped right to the end? like that background didn’t show up at all.


hmm that’s weird, I have no clue sorry.

It’s alright I got it now, thank you again :orange_heart:

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