Script Error and Junk

Help me (and others I guess) with script errors and stuff. So help me with this thingy plz.

   LANI (idle_read_book)
Anyways, I'll have...

input | What do you want to eat? | What do you want to eat?| Done [CAFEFOOD]
LANI (talk_think)
I think I’ll have the [CAFEFOOD].
@HIM I’ll have the same.
@LANI is idle_read_book
LANI (idle_read_book)
I’m kinda thirsty. I’ll have to drink…
input | What is your favorite drink? | What is your favorite drink?| DONE [CAFEDRINK]
I’ll drink some [CAFEDRINK]
it says expected dialog. how do i fix? thz in advance


I recommend you go here

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The bolded parts need to formatted for dialogue correctly. You put @HIM I’ll have the same., which is not the correct way. You also put I’ll drink some [CAFEDRINK] without adding the character name. Dialogue is suppose to look like this:

CHARACTER (animation)
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