Script Error: Changing character outfit

I need help with changing my character outfits, I tried to use @You changes into top and jeans but it’s not working.

It’s saying it is not a valid directing code.

So What do I need to do

Did you make outfits?

The command should be @you changes into Outfitname

Or is the outfit name top and jeans ? the outfit name is top and jeans

Ok then can i show me a screenshot of your script or copy and paste it

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The command right above should say @peral exits right

See if that helps

Yes it works

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@Blue. hair
So do you know what I can do with the outfit.

What do you mean? Is it still not working

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It’s still not working

Okay now i see it you need to get rid of the period at the end

OK thank you.

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No problem