Script error help ~#2?!


So I write this and it actually says ‘readername’ when he is supposed to say the reader’s actual name that they inputted. I’ve looked back and the [READERNAME] that I have done is the exact same so someone please help

use [NAME]

or use the question format for tasking their name
input What is your name| What is your name| Done (NAME)

You are literally my saviour but i mean:

“Great! [READERNAME], let’s get you made up!” is after they have inserted their name and they are now going to customisation. and it says their name successfully but when I tried [READERNAME] later on it worked and then for one of them it didn’t actually insert their name and had’readername’ as their name

could u send me pictures of ur script?
like it works with that but it doesnt work later on?

Thank you for your time, I really appreciate it. Now it seems that it is working. (Always does once you start to ask for help) Would you mind if I messaged you if I had any more questions?

no worries, thats fine!

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thank you so much

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