Script Error - Help Needed!

Hey guys!

My story is loading fine when writing the story, and is not showing any errors, but when I load it in the app the screen is black and doesn’t load for the scene. It will move onto the next one so not sure why it isn’t working. It is a custom background that I made, but has been approved. I’ll add the code just in case anyone can notice any errors!

I have asked a few others and they seem to also have this issue!

Any help/advice would be appreciated :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@zoom reset

@pause for 2

@overlay WARNING create
@overlay WARNING opacity 1

@overlay 5216259858235392_WARNING shifts to 16 -127
@overlay 5216259858235392_WARNING scales to 0.514 0.514

&overlay 5216259858235392_WARNING shifts to -116 -351 in zone 1 in 1 using easebackout
@overlay 5216259858235392_WARNING scales to 1.000 1.000 in 1 using easebackout

@pause for 3

@transition fade out black

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Hey. Just wanted to make sure, did you check that you have entered the background and overlay names right?

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I’ve just double checked, and I have :thinking:

Thank you for your help though!

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Okay. I’m new to this so I can’t find anything wrong yet. But I’m sure someone can help you! And if I get what’s wrong I’ll tell you immediately. :blob_sun: :white_heart:

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No worries! I’m fairly new too🥰 thank you for trying. I really do appreciate it!

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Did you see Dara Amarie’s thread for making overlays? You might find what’s wrong there.

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That’s a good point! I’ll check it out :blush:

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Did you cut to the appropriate zone?

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I’d maybe re-upload that background with a different name. same thing happened to me and this fixed it

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Ooo, I could try that! I’ll let you know if it works🥰

I was hoping not to do that! Just because it takes them a while to approve it🤣 but if nothing works I may have to! Especially if you’ve had the same issue and it worked🤔 thank you!!

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