Script error, help

So I was using script template and removed some stuff from it. It looked good and didn’t say any errors. I copy pasted it and put it in different story but now it’s saying ‘‘ERROR: No eyebrows called (any eyebrow cuz it won’t change a thing if it’s defined natural or thick flat) exists.’’ So what do I do? I also removed that part but it started to say same thing with hair etc. Anyone know why? Sorry for bad English.

Are they the same style? LL/ INK?

Also, you can go here for limited CC templates and request for one: LIMITED Character Customization Templates & WORKSHOP!

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It should be in:

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Yea (INK)

Sorry, still quite new here and thought I could

Nah, all of them were correctly done/right/correct but I deleted it and did it again, now it doesn’t say any errors