Script Error! Help!

Hello, I need help… I’m doing complex choices for my story and I don’t know what to do, The MC is at gym and based on previous actions the outcome etc. The script is
if (CAMERON > 0){

@CAMERON starts kick_crotch_give
@YOU starts kick_crotch_receive_rear
@CAMERON exits right AND CAMERON is run_athletic_neutral_loop
@ALIA exits right AND ALIA is run_athletic_neutral_loop
@AMY exits left AND AMY is run_athletic_neutral_loop
@YOU starts idle_wounded_sad_loop

} elif (CAMERON < -1)

Your going down [NAME]

@CAMERON starts kick_crotch_give
@YOU starts kick_crotch_give

But then an error appears right after the } elif CAMERON < -1
saying that the next line is Unexpected no matter what I put there,
Please help ASAP!

Are you missing the opening bracket for your elif line?

I’m not… it’s just as a put in the example

} elif (CAMERON < -1) {

^^^ that’s what I meant by opening bracket

Oh, okay I’ll try that, thank you

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Another error occurs saying that there is a bracket that doesn’t have a matching one although there is one in the beginning of the line.

Do you have a } at the end of your elif option?

Yes. But the error still occurs.

I don’t think you can use negatives in the if/elif

if (CAMERON > 0) {

} elif (CAMERON = 0) {

} else {
#option if CAMERON has minus points.


Thank you I will try that.