Script error helpppp

How can i type words without episode saying in error for it.

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What’s your error first though? There’s a reason you have an error on your script. If you want you can send a ss.

If you’re talking about spelling errors, I don’t believe it can be helped. The red underlines have always been there on all of my names and words in other languages.

No like say I wanted to spell thing like thang for a joke but it won’t let me. Is there any way I can fix that?

you can write what ever you want even wrong spelling and it will let you maximally you will get the red underline if it will not recognise the English word .I mean there are stories also in different languages than English and episode is not hindering them.

If you got error it is not because of spelling - unless you have typo in the commands or if you forgot to use big letter on start of a sentence in dialogue…

Best you will show us your scrit and the erroryou are getting - so we can ore precisely answer what you need to do.

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Do you have Instagram? I don’t know how to upload a photo on here

I know this may be off topic but when I type "@SOPHOMORE VANESSA enters from screen right to screen left or @SOPHOMORE VANESSA enters from screen right to screen left AND SOPHOMORE VANESSA is walk_neutral it says warning. Did they change how your supposed to write it?? I need help asap

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Can you send a ss in PMs?

yeah I’ll try

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