Script error helpppppppp

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does the back far left eaven exist? i never heared of it :slightly_smiling_face:


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The word “OVERLAY” must be in small caps. “overlay”

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i tried that too

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Put the word “AND” to and

hmm let me try

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Both “AND” and “and” is correct.

@ao.episode, you sure you tried replacing the word “OVERLAY” to overlay?


Yes there was a problem with the overlay name , every code was correct :grinning:

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sometimes it happend to me and i changed the word “AND” to and and it worked :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:


You mean you missed out the word “DINER” in INT. CLASSIC BOOTH TABLE - DAY?
I just checked it, the correct overlay name for that is INT. CLASSIC DINER BOOTH TABLE - DAY

You can’t have “AND zoom reset”

If you want the zoom to reset while that command is happening

Put & zoom reset on the line above

You can merge it to a line of code, not just for the camera reset, but for zooms with coordinates too.
Of course, if it’s for you to read the script better, you can separate to a new line.

The script error for this case is the overlay name and the word “overlay” in caps.


no it was all about because i misspelled the overlay’s name nothing with OVERLAY or overlay or anything about zoom reset u can put that anywhere u want

yes u can the problem was something else and i fixed it :smile: