Script error i can´t seem to fix... HELP

I don´t know what i did wrong and i don´t know how to fix it so please help

Did you remove something or edit the template? Because that bracket isn’t suppose to be there and it looks like you deleted some stuff.

I did actually because it said that one of those eyebrows didnt exist so i deleted it and now i dont know what to do

You need to change FEMALEAVATAR4 to your own character’s name. That’s why you get the error message saying eyebrows don’t exist.

Delete the template from your script and start over:

thank you so much! I also have a error that says label ´´first input´´ is never used. What do I write then?

Oh also im kinda a noob at scripting. Can I ask you what do I do after the character customization do I just start with a new background?

Did you add a code to choose a name? Did you maybe delete it but left the label?

You can do that. Start how you want your story to start off at.

Well the first thing in my script is choosing a name

What does that part look like?