Script Error message HELP

Are you missing the @ before TIFF?

I tried and still not working

Can you copy and paste the line that the error is on?

I just tried it still showing error

Copy and paste it here so we can see the whole line since it’s cut off in the picture is what I meant

Ok, it should be
@TIFF walks to spot 1.25 -150 -51 in zone 1 THEN TIFF faces left
@remove TIFF

Still not working😔

What’s happening instead?

@remove TIFF needs to be on the line underneath

Still nothing

Try this:
@TIFF walks to spot 1.25 -150 -51 in 1.5 THEN TIFF faces left
@remove TIFF


line 2589 needs to be @remove TIFF

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Change the & to @

It should look exactly like this ^

Thank you for trying to help I appreciate

I appreciate you’re help

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