So basically Kaiden is walking @idle_rear and it is totally fine until he stops and faces forward again. I added the @idle_rear as a command afterwards just to make him face the right way again. but it still pauses facing forward before going into the @idle_rear animation- can anyone fix this for me, much appreciated xo

&zoom on 147 266 to 200% in 0.1
@zoom on 282 292 to 200% in 0.1
@zoom on 138 282 to 200% in 0.1
@zoom on 219 277 to 200% in 0.1
@KAIDEN walks to spot 1.172 226 49 in zone 1 in 1 AND KAIDEN is walk_neutral_loop_rear AND KAIDEN faces right
@KAIDEN moves to layer 8
&KAIDEN starts idle_rear
@ROWAN starts idle_armscrossed_awkward_loop

Always use “does it while” when making a character walk while doing an animation and use the “then” command on the same line when you want to character to go right into the next animation immediately after walking

@KAIDEN walks to spot 1.172 226 49 in zone 1 in 1 and KAIDEN faces right and KAIDEN does it while walk_neutral_loop_rear then KAIDEN starts idle_rear

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Thank you so so much! this was driving me crazy :joy:

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