Script error, NEED HELP

Can someone help me, it says script error everytime I put this coding in???
Does somebody know what’s wrong?
INT. PERSONAL CELL with BARS OVERLAY to 1.108 1.108 in zone 1

You put the only size of the overlay into a script (1.108).
INT. PERSONAL CELL with BARS OVERLAY to 1.108 38 298 in zone 1
How to do this:
when you spot directing you see something like this under preview:
@overlay BARS OVERLAY shifts to -285 248 (that’s the spot)
@overlay BARS OVERLAY scales to 0.388 0.388 (that’s the size)
I hope that helped :sweat_smile:

You are a literally a lifesaver, thanks again hun :yellow_heart::yellow_heart::yellow_heart::yellow_heart:

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