Okay so in my story, my character is in her bedroom at zone 3. I’m trying to make her walk to zone 1 without stopping the camera’s panning OR her stopping in the middle of walking. When I preview, she smoothly walks to zone 2 but then starts walking in place one she reaches zone 2 while the camera continues to pan to zone 1.

Here is what I have for the script:

&ANASTASIA walks to spot 0.911 -124 181 in 4 THEN ANASTASIA walks to spot 0.800 174 238 in 3.5 THEN ANASTASIA is think

&pan to zone 2 in 4 THEN pan to zone 1 in 3.5

    (Hmm... let's see what I can pull out of my closet.)

Ahhh, I love you! THANK YOU MY LEGEND!

if you want her to follow the camera you just need to write

@follow CHARACTER to screen center in zone 1

hope you can use it

I can’t use that because I wanted her to walk to a specific spot. Luckily Rune’s method worked fine. Thank you so much for the help <3! :smiley:

Oh this can be closed btw @Jeremy @Sydney_H

Topic closed by OP request.

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