Script Error “no matching }”


Somebody please help! I have gotten this script error and I have no idea what is wrong!

If somebody knows what this is for… Please let me know :slightly_smiling_face:


The choice part needs to be a line above the Yes I think


Omg Thank you so much😂 some times I just do some dumb stuff like that


Oh no :slightly_frowning_face: it still doesn’t work


Same, I make mistakes like that all the time. Just part of being a writer on Episode :joy:


This is true😂


Oh I think you need to put it like this:
“Yes” {


Nope, still no luck


No like this


–Dialog here–
“Yes” {
stuff here
“No” {
stuff here


I don’t use choices much, so I wouldn’t know :joy:


Did it work @random_life?


Do you guys think it’s a glitch because it looks correct to me


Im confused did u try it


Yes and it still doesn’t work
I can’t even play it out.


Did the error change?


Nope, still the same


Can I see what u changed?


I actually fixed it. It was quite dumb. I took out the @KITANA +1 and then it changed my “readerMessage” into “readermessage” when I had a capital in the first place. Then I saved it and added back the “@KITANA +1” and it worked. So I have no idea what was the problem.


@Ryan or @Jeremy you can close this :slight_smile:


Closing per OP request :v:t2: