Script error not really a script error?

I’ve created several choices inside of one choice, but I made sure that I put another bracket at the end. However, it’s a script error saying that “there is a { that does not have a matching }”

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Could you show your script?


The error finder is pretty dumb, it says that for anything it doesn’t like when there’s a bracket around.

I’ve most frequently seen that error for mistyped “plain text” code. So it could be:

  • The word “readerMessage” misspelled somewhere
  • A gain that isn’t working
  • A goto that isn’t working

Point being, it could be something inside the brackets, not necessarily the brackets themselves.

Also, does the second choice usually indent like that? I’ve never seen it indent that way, but I write choices a little differently so it could just be that I’ve never seen it done that way. :woman_shrugging:


Thank you. I will look into it.

Side-note: I was glancing at the second choice too, how it indented after I reloaded it.

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Ah, if it indented automatically, it’s probably fine. :+1:

And good luck finding the rogue line haha. :stuck_out_tongue: :+1:

@AAABattery if you’re still stuck and you don’t want to share your code publicly you can PM me or @Scarlet_Sapphire :smile:

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I believe that I fixed my other problem but now it’s saying that I shouldn’t have a space in my label- I don’t have a space in my label.

Should I start over and delete the extra stuff?

I don’t know if it comes in this and I’m new and had no clue where to post this so…Can someone help me out? I pressed a button don’t know which one but it made the cursor thingy go from “|” to “_” Please help

You just have to press the insert key so it can change back

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It worked! Thank you so much!

You’re welcome :smile:

I don’t know what I’m doing wrong someone please help me​:sob::sob::sob:

Hi, what’s wrong?

I’m having sooo much trouble with the choices. It keeps saying something is wrong and i don’t understand.i’ve read forums and even asked episode for help 5 times!.So i need help from a real hooman being

Well first, send a picture of the script. Then, we can fix your problem :smiley:


um i can only sent sreenshots on imessages so do mind giving me your phone number and after you have solved my problem you can delete my contact

if thats ok with you

Give me yours so I can remember that you’re messaging me. I don’t really use messages.