Script error.. oh my problems🤦🏾‍♀️

She is also walking to spot to fast and not doing animation because of it

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Mackenzie is walk_runway_loop

@ MACKENZIE walks to spot 0.687 158 204 in zone 3 AND MAKENZIE is walk_runway_loop

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@MACKENZIE walks to spot 0.687 158 204 in zone 3 in T AND MACKENZIE is walk_runway_loop

T = Time
The AND MACKENZIE - Take that out

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What about this I have a choice at the bottom and it keeps saying unexpected character

Lose the bracket, near Bitch Bye.

&PARIS turns left isn’t a command. So, that needs to be &PARIS faces left or @PARIS faces left

Also, you have &PARIS exits left AND run_super_speed_loop - Fix that to @PARIS walks to spot AND PARIS is run_super_speed_loop or @PARIS exits left AND PARIS is run_super_speed_loop

Oh. You need a { after bitch bye
It needs to look like “Bitch bye” {

Thnks for help


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Okay so I had to take huge chuck out cause the problem won’t go away

erase @zoom reset on line 81 on top of the word choice

Instead add it under “Yes”{ and under }“B**** bye!”{


@zoom reset
#script here, bla bla bla
}“B**** bye!”{
@zoom reset
#script here, bla bla bla

You need to have dialogue before a choice. Have a character think/say something or have the Narrator say something.

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