Script error: Overlay does not exist

Hi everyone, I keep receiving this error message on my script: The overlay _____ does not exist did you misspell or delete it?

here is an example of my coding below : EXT. CAMPSITE WOODS - NIGHT with CAT OV FIRE 38 0.712 88 120 in zone 2 with EXT.CANCUN BEACH PHOTO 2 0.208 214 157 in zone 2 with PHOTO FRAME 0.100 150 164 in zone 2 . I also want to be able to rotate the customize artwork which is the cancun beach photo however how can I make that photo rotate with this coding?

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check this out for how to animate/rotate and duplicate any overlays. You can also visit her website which has all the script commands, templates and guides. It’s a very useful site :slight_smile:

As far as the error, try refreshing your catalog then refresh your portal page. And make sure that you did spell them correctly (I’ve missed letters while typing quickly so it’s good to double check each name against what you named it in the catalog. :slight_smile:

your forgetting to

CAT OV FIRE 38 to 0.712 88 120

with PHOTO FRAME to 0.100 150 164 in zone 2


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