Script error! *PLEASE HELP*

This will probably be obvious, but I have 2 characters and 1 goes behind a mirror, but when she enters, she nor the main character does an action and she’s in the wrong layer until she stops and is where she needs to be, someone please help me!



I believe you need to put her in the layer she need to be before she does the action, like:

@RILEY moves to layer 10 and RILEY2 moves to layer 1
@RILEY enters from right to screen center in 2 and RILEY is walk_neutral_offset_loop AND RILEY2 enters from right to upscreen left in two and RILEY2 is walk_neutral_offset_loop

I hope that works. :smiley:

Make sure your overlay is there and use spot walking instead of default one.

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let me try it!

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Hi I got this problem too…there is a bug in the script ------when you use the basic directing comands like “screen center” thay tend to reset the layers…

So just try to use spot directing instead - it helped me to solve this problem and hope it will help you too

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