SCRIPT ERROR! please help

Hello :slight_smile:

So I am trying to use the if, elif, else scripting codes. And it’s not working for some reason, this may be just me being completely blind as I’m not good with these script errors, when I go to preview it, it completely skips that part and goes to what’s after it. but I’ll copy and paste my script here :

choice (THINK)
“I’m not going to let him sweet talk me again”{

“I’ll see how it goes, I can’t resist it…”{


DAMIEN (talk_armscrossed_neutral_loop)
I thought the date ended when I brought you safely back to your house.
But I am sorry if my untimed mirth hurt you in any way.

DAMIEN (talk_armsraised_neutral)
I still think that you are | bold , color:blue | brilliant | reset | and | bold , color:red | sexy | reset | though.

if (THINK) {

readerMessage | bold | -2 ;Damien & Mia | reset | Damien wants to see you give in to him.

MIA (cough)
(I’m not going to be putty in his hands, I dressed up for myself, not him.)

MIA (deepbreath)
(I should be more pleased that he called me brilliant than sexy.)

} elif (THINK) {

readerMessage | bold | +2 ;Damien & Mia | reset | Damien likes to see you weak.

MIA (flirt_coy)
(Wow I am like putty in his hands)

MIA (flirt_fingerbite_sexy)
(He thought I was sexy?)

I was really pleased that I had taken the time to dress up for him.
Though my feminist brain screamed that I should be more pleased with being called brilliant than being called sexy.


MIA (idle_armscrossed_awkward_loop)
(Oh, shut up, feminist brain!)

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can you show me a screenshot please?

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You need a narration/dialogue before a choice.



And to remember a choice, it should be:
if (THINK is “I’m not going to let him sweet talk me again”){


You don’t need elif since you only have two choices for the the choice.

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You’ve to write if(THINK is “i’m not going to let him”

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Thank you!

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