Script Error, Plese Halp

The characters are all stacked together :confused:

@LEX walks to screen left AND LEX is walk_exhausted

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also her clothes won’t change

That’s the right code though, check if that’s the right outfit name.

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It works now! Thanks to all of you

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my charactters won’t appear :confused:

are they entering the scene?

@COLE walks to spot 1.280 X Y <---- you need two sets of numbers here

@MILES enters from left to screen left/center/right

@COLE is punch_jab AND MILES is punch_receive


you have a few options:

@CHARACTER enters from side to screen position
side- left/right
position- left/center/right


@CHARACTER enters from side to spot % X Y


@CHARACTER spot % X Y (offscreen)
@CHARACTER walks to spot % X Y

check out:

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