Script error pls help!



Hey everyone in need of some help I’m new to episode and I’m still figuring out the little kinks,
So I figured out how to do a clothes choice game but now I’m in need of some help for hairstyles
I put in “Fishtail Braid”{ and that my character changes into the hairstyle but its come up saying error and the error message is unexpected STRING: Fishtail Braid…
Some help would be lovely as I’m totally stumped on what to do
Thanks guys :slight_smile:


If you could post a screenshot of your script with the error it would be easier for us to help you :smile:



@JemU776 @Apes @Dara.Amarie maybe you gals could help? :sweat_smile::thinking:

( If not sorry for tagging you :sweat_smile:)


You need to move goto hairUp1 inside the choices and delete the spaces between brackets


Thanks guys I’ll give that a try!!