Script Error! This is the first time this message has shown! Help!

Hey! Can anyone tell me why this error message is showing? Here’s a photo to show the code :innocent:

I’m confused why I’ve recieved this error, as the } for line 53 is on line 3839!

Thank you in advance!

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You might need to add an additional } so it looks something like this:


This error warning shows up when you have a choice within a choice and not add a matching bracket.


Line 1: "START"{

Line 2: Are you sure you want to start? 

} "No" {


Line 3: }

Note that the bracket on the last line (Line 3 in this example) is the matching bracket for the bracket on Line 1, without it, that error will show up due to missing the ‘closing’ (/matching) bracket.

Hope this helps!

If this is not the case, do provide a screenshot showing the lines before 3839!

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When you get that error message but all brackets are there, then the error is somewhere inside those brackets that you need to fix. I would recommend not putting your entire story inside of brackets, but instead use labels.


Ah okay! I did use labels but for some reason I also added the whole story in the bracket! So thank you, I’m going to change it around :innocent:

Thank you! I scrolled and found the error :innocent:

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