Script Error: Unexpected String

Hey! Can someone please help with this:

I feel like I’ve tried everything to fix it!

For starters… What’s going on with your brackets on line 998? Even though the error is further down, could that be affecting it?

well, it was a default command for outfits, but it wasn’t working so a basically just did a bit of trial and error until i “fixed” it :sweat_smile:. Honestly, I’m new to this whole coding thing so I really need some help! :tired_face:

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Ooh we’ve all been there. Trial and error is the most effective way I learnt. Glad you got it fixed :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh, no I fixed line 998, but 1004 is still a problem. Is 998 affecting 1004?

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I think you have a few too many curly brackets on a few lines

What’s it actually saying the error is now?

its still saying Unexpected STRING :slight_smile:

yes I agree, but when i try to remove them they say errors messages

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@Dara.Amarie @RudeInception @Apes Can one of you help here? :slight_smile:

If you remove the {} on line 998 (which you need to remove), what error message do you get?
Also move the @pause for a beat on line 992 to line 993. Notice how it hasn’t gone purple like your other “pause for a beat’s”? Put it on it’s own line and see if that’s the issue. (And definitely still remove the {} on line 998)

This is what happens when I remove the {} from 998 and move the @pause. It didn’t really make a difference for the other script error:

Sorry if I was unclear. I meant separate the @pause for a beat and the }, so keep } on line 993 and put the @pause separately (it should go purple when you save like the one on line 1011).
@pause for a beat

If that’s still causing you an issue- we’ll probably need to see the rest of your script as if it’s actually a missing } as the message says, that could be right at the bottom.

Are you using episode outfit template?


Usually you nee to make A LOT of changes in that template Wich can cause some mistakes or something. I am more than happy to provide a template if you are interested :rofl: