Script error, what is wrong?😪

In this photo the charater TAYLOR stand fine

And then she goes to another place

Show your script! You probably have a read animation

INT. BAR - DAY with BAR CHAIRS to 1.000 -1 -6 in zone 3 at layer 2
@cut to zone 3
@TAYLOR spot 1.280 63 -10 in zone 3 and TAYLOR moves to layer 5 and TAYLOR is idle_awkward_scratch_loop
@HOLT2 faces left and HOLT2 is react_holdface_happy and KOPER is idle
@pause for 1
TAYLOR (talk_armraised_sad)
Xerdia from the olders come to us…babe you can’t lose your powers for me so I’m living you…
@TAYLOR spot 1.280 171 -9 in zone 3 and TAYLOR faces left and HOLT2 faces right and HOLT2 is idle_rear and TAYLOR is idle_rear
HOLT2 (talk_neutral_loop_rear)
This is my decision don’t you think?
@TAYLOR starts holdhands_give_start_rear
I’m sorry…you don’t have…I make the choice for you…
HOLT2 (talk_neutral_loop_rear)
Just go…
I know that was bad but hold his hand and don’t feel he hold mine was like a knife so I just go…
@TAYLOR exits left
She hold his hand good but before she moves

You have rear animations, which means they will be facing back, put animation without the work rear

I want she’ll hold his hand but he doesnt…

Then also give him an animation, just make sure they aren’t facing the same directions, and also away from each other!

This the thing I don’t know how to do that…

@TAYLOR faces left and TAYLOR is holdhands_give_start_rear and HOLT faces right and HOLT is holdhands_give_start_rear

And if you have them spotted wrong:

@TAYLOR walks to spot x y and TAYLOR does it while holdhands_give_start_rear

Now its good, i put put the face left and the animation, thanks.

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