Script errorr againnn

hi guys i need help

and i have that backround

Screenshot 2022-03-17 7.23.31 PM

but it says i dont and it says warning

@CASSANDRA spot 0.776 274 159 in zone 1 and CASSANDRA moves to layer 3 and CASSANDRA is idle_rear and TRISTAN spot 0.821 281 175 in zone 1 and TRISTAN moves to layer -3 and TRISTAN is idle and TRAVIS spot 0.803 124 188 in zone 1 and TRAVIS moves to layer -1 and TRAVIS faces right TRAVIS is idle and TANNER spot 0.857 217 133 in zone 1 and TANNER moves to layer 3 and TANNER is idle_rear and CYRUS faces right and CYRUS spot 0.785 199 191 in zone 1 and CYRUS moves to layer -5 and CYRUS faces right and CYRUS is idle

is not a valid directing command

plz help

You put a space between INT and the .


You missed the ‘and’ before ‘TRAVIS is idle’

oh thank you sm

there isnt any space

i cheacked

but it worked after i fixed the other thing thank you sm tho

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Your welcome

There was nothing wrong with the BG :sparkles:
This happens to me whenever my Bg or OV gets approved, so I refresh the page and save the script again, something like that
Then it works :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

oh btw can anyone edit my backround and make it an overlay plz

this is the image
9d4f98261237a8bb97c39ed0efbc95c0 (1)
but i want the overlay to be this

and i can edit that myself but i want the pattern to be shown like i want to be able to see the pattern but also able to se my charac there so like u can see her walking through the pattern can anyone do that plz?