Script errors and/or directing help

Hi! This thread is simply to help you with any unknown errors you have in your script, or even any directing questons you may have. I might not have an answer for everything, but I’ll try my best to help!

I may get flagged for repetitive posts but for me to move on in my script I need someone to help so hopefully you are the person to respond to me. I need help with moving overlay with animation and also with tilt.

&BRIANNA is pickup_object_neutral
&overlay 6088026729218048_WINE GLASS shifts to 247 343
@pause for a beat
&BRIANNA is sip_cup_neutral_loop
&overlay 6088026729218048_WINE GLASS shifts to 203 343
&overlay 6088026729218048_WINE GLASS rotates 10 anchor point 1 1
@pause for a beat
&BRIANNA is return_object_neutral
&overlay 6088026729218048_WINE GLASS shifts to 232 294
@pause for 1

The error is that the glass doesn’t move with the animation and I think the tilt is wrong, also with moving overlay, I need the smooth transition when my character picks it up.

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Try using time measurements with the animations. For example:

&BRIANNA is pickup_object_neutral
&overlay WINE GLASS shifts to 247 343 in 0.3
@pause for a beat
&BRIANNA is sip_cup_neutral_loop
&overlay WINE GLASS shifts to 203 343 in 0.3
&overlay WINE GLASS rotates 10 anchor point 1 1 in 0.3

If 0.3 seconds is too long or too short or a duration, then adjust it to your needs. As for the rotation being wrong, you’d justs have to experiment with that. Use a negative rotation (rotates -10 anchor point 1 1) to turn the overlay left, and a positive rotation to turn the overlay right.

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Thank you so much, not only for helping but answering me promptly.

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Of course!

It will not let me put images on here, but in my script, the five simple positions aren’t working! Yet I have looked at other scripts and those work perfectly fine! Help!

Do you mean screen center, screen left etc? How is it not working? Is there an error on your script?

It says a script error and yes I do. Screen centre, upscreen left, right, upscreen right, etc

Can you copy what the error says?
@CHAR stands screen center
@CHAR enters from left to screen center
@CHAR walks to screen center in zone 3

Just a few examples in case you had it written incorrectly in the script.

The second one is exactly what I’m putting for them to enter, but it says it isn’t a valid command. Thanks for helping by the way!

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@YAZ enter from right to screen right*

Did you put an s after enter?
@YAZ enters from right to screen right

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How do u put more then 1 overlay? xx

Wow. I’m so stupid. :woman_facepalming: Thank you for pointing that out for me because I’ve done that in my other ones to! Thank you!!!

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Try doing it at the same time by using ‘and’ in between but in the same line.

You just use the create command for each overlay. You can use as many as you like :blush:

I’ve tried that​:woozy_face::woozy_face:

Explain? x

&overlay OVERLAY NAME create
&overlay OVERLAY NAME opacity 1 in 0
Repeat this for all overlays
Go into the preview on the portal or app and move/resize the overlays to where you want them.
&overlay OVERLAY NAME scales to x x
&overlay OVERLAY NAME shifts to x x in zone x
Replace the x with the scale/shift numbers
&overlay OVERLAY NAME moves to layer x
Again replace the x with the correct layer if needed
Hope this has helped :blush:

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