Script Errors: Help please!

So everyone, I am VERY new to writing scripts and I’m trying really hard to get into it so I can start writing stories without help. However, since I am new to it all, I have errors here and there. Usually I look it up on the internet to and it gets fixed. I keep having this error where it says “Unexpected end of input. You cannot end your script with a label.” I have the Narrator speaking and below it I tried to add an alarm clock sound but for some reason it keeps giving me this error when trying to save. I can’t find any answers about it either!

Can you copy what you have there like a few lines so I can see it? Please

You can’t end a story using a sound command. Add a pause after it and it should clear it up.

@transition fade in black
@SCARLET ROSE changes into Scarlet Rose Sleep
&pan to zone 3
@SCARLET ROSE spot 0.9 -15 400 in zone 3 AND SCARLET ROSE faces left AND SCARLET ROSE starts lay_asleep_loop
This is me, Scarlet Rose.
I’m not the best at waking up on time for work as you can tell.

sound alarmclock_digital

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YAY. It worked, thank you!!

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She said what i was going to say :slight_smile: Glad its working for you know.

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Do you guys know how to have a character get out of bed by any chance? I know there isn’t an exact animation, but there is like a stand one right?

Standing animation:

LL: standup_neutral
Ink: stand_up

Hey guys!
So far my script is going great and I’m learning a lot. I have one thing that’s rather complicated, my character is running towards the right of the screen and I have the directing following her but my question is how do I have another character already standing in another zone and spot so that when the director follows my running character he will already be there?

Stand the character in that zone before the other characters starts running.


@CHAR2 stands _______ in zone 2

@CHAR1 walks to ________ in zone 2

Hey! I am trying to make both of my characters using the same dialogue. How do I do that?

You mean you want the characters to say the same thing at the same time?


So you can’t have two characters sharing a bubble or have there bubbles come out at the same time unless you use an overlay (which I recommend if you want the double bubbles).
But what most authors do is they use a narrator bubble with BOTH as the name and have the characters both do a talking animation at the same time.


&CHAR1 is talk_happy_smile
&CHAR2 is talk_sad

We should break up!