Script errors within my dressing games

Hey people. Whilst writing and creating a dressing game, the same error keeps occuring. It keeps saying “Choices must follow dialog immediately, not a branch”. And I’m not sure what to do. Can anyone help me?

You have to add dialogue before any choice

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Does this answer your question @Katie_rxx? :slight_smile:

So what should I put x

You could write something like

label clothes
YOU (think)
(What should I wear today?)
“Outfit1” {
@YOU changes into outfit1
}“outfit2” {
@YOU changes into outfit2
@YOU changes into outfit3
YOU (idle)
(Should I wear this?)
“Yes” {
} “No” {
goto clothes

So basically you need to have a character say something before entering the word “choice”

ohhhhhhhhh okay, thank you xx