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Hi i have a runtime error memory access out of bounds on my preview for my story. I have tried everything and nothing works. Can you please help me?

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This isn’t a script error. If you’re having problems with your web previewer you should submit a ticket HERE.


I already did and they have no answers for me.


Have you tried updating your browser or switching browsers? If you’ve tried everything, then you’ll just gave to use the app to test your stories.

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Yes I did that already :disappointed:

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Just use the app to test your stories then.

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On the character customization template, it said error on the “Arched Eyebrows”…How can I fix this?


You need to change the character’s name to your own character’s name.

That error only pops up when the system does not recognize the name in the template. You have to create a character in the character creation portal first so that the character can exist, then add that character’s name to the template.

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  YOU (think_rubchin)

“Outfit one” {

@YOU changes into YOU_casual

    YOU (talk_neutral_loop)
Is this really what I want to wear?

“Yes” {

    YOU (talk_agree_happy)
Yes, this will do.

} “No” {

    YOU (talk_neutral_loop)
No, I want to try something else on.

goto TOSSE

}} “Outfit two”

@YOU changes into YOU_blackdress

    YOU (talk_neutral_loop)
Is this really what I want to wear?

“Yes” {

    YOU (talk_agree_happy)
Yes, this will do.

} “No” {

    YOU (talk_neutral_loop)
No, I want to try something else on.

goto TOSSE


The error is at: @YOU changes into YOU_blackdress
The error message says: Unexpected COSTUMECHANGE: (u’changes into’, u’YOU’, u’YOU_blackdress’)
The weird thing is that it works fine with the first outfit. Also, TOSSE is at the end of the options (don’t know if I did that right either). I’m pretty new to this, so I have no clue of what I did wrong (or of what I’m doing) ^^"


You forgot to add a starting brackets after }} “Outfit two”
So just add { right next to that on the same line.

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Thank you a lot! I didn’t even notice XD
Mind helping me with another error?

lable TOSSE

    YOU (talk_reassure_neutral)
Right, now I'm ready to go.

@transition fade out black 2.0

The error is at: YOU (talk_reassure_neutral)
The error message says: Unexpected CHARACTER: YOU
I’m quite confused ^^"


Do you mind sending a screenshot from your script?


In my script I have a part where my background changes but in my preview it doesn’t show that or anything after what’s up with that?

@transition fade out black 5


@cut to zone 2

@MIA stands screen right AND MIA faces left

BTW the background was uploaded to my account and has been approved


Is it just a black screen that shows? Were you zoomed in on the last background INT. FOYER 2?


It just shows a black screen saying to be continued. And so far in the story I didn’t even zoom at all…


Dou you have anything else typed in after @MIA stands screen right AND MIA faces left ? Or is that the last part of your episode?


That’s all so far

Actually like maybe 25 lines down I have…
To be continued…
but i watched a tutorial that said you can put that around the bottom so is that a problem?


Ah okay I see the problem. You don’t have any beats after that. You either need to pause for a beat or have your character do an animation.

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Oh…I’ll try it now and I’ll let you know