SCRIPT ERRORS you just can't seem to fix!

My girl, @Apes made a guide on this! Check it out:

thank you very much xoxo :slight_smile:


No problem. Happy to help! :wink:

Heya I have another question lol- how do you allow for the reader to cuztomize a character and keep it that way for the entire story?

@CHARACTER goes to character avatar

Or if you want family members to look like the character getting customized or if you want limited customization, you would use script templates.

Once customized, that character will stay that way forever until you yourself change their appearance via coding.

thank you so much you literally saved me hours :slight_smile: one more thing, if I don’t want the reader to be able to customize the eye and hair colour, would I just remove those parts from the coding?

Yes remove all of those sections from the template, and you’ll also have to remove the “select/change color” parts from the hairstyles and eye shape sections, like these:

}“Previous Page”{
goto hairUp1
}“Change Styles”{
goto fem_hair1
}“Change Color”{
goto fem_haircolor1
goto female_custom1

Heya- is there any way to send your story to someone before you publish it? I’ve tried texting the link to my sister but it hasn’t worked-

Yes. I’ll PM you. :wink:

hey does anyone know how to keep the car moving throughout the entire scene with the character in it?

I followed the template above and the car drives into the scene, but does not keep moving.

You’ll have to use a looping background for that. The background moves by itself while the car is just placed in the scene to make it appear as if the car is moving.

thank you very much :slight_smile:

Hi There,
Can you fix the errors in my 2nd Episode of the story named Fate, Hate & Love? (cover isn’t ready yet and the author means my name is Ani Ray.)
Hope to get a reply from you soon.

Ani Ray

You’re gonna have to tell me what the error is and then post a screenshot or copy and paste that part of your script here so I can see. I’m here to HELP you fix it. I can’t just go into your story and fix it for you.

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Did you create a label called DESTINY? If you don’t want readers to change the name, you’ll have to delete the code for typing in the name.

Yes delete all lines from 67 to 77. What errors are you getting?

Thanks for reaching to me for helping me out regarding the Script errors that I can’t fix myself. I’m attaching a screenshot of that page where all these script errors are mentioned. By the way, this is my first story in Episode, so I can allow myself asking for help here and there for this or that, but I really don’t think I’d keep on doing so after posting 6 Episodes (that is created still now).
So, can you tell me/teach me how to fix this kind of errors?

Ani Ray

Can you be specific on what errors you’re getting?

Can you see in the screenshot I have uploaded with this reply? I am getting error messages continuously under SCENES section. In the screenshot at the left side of the page’s corner, it shows all the SCENE related error messages, like EXT. BLUE - DAY or EXT. NEW YORK CITY - DAY this type of errors.
I am making my Episode chapters mainly in the mobile app and then I am rectifying errors or add sounds here on the laptop.
Can you please fix these and tell me where I’, going wrong?

Ani Ray