SCRIPT ERRORS you just can't seem to fix!

I also had the unexpected scene change pop up too. :woman_facepalming:t3: I’m really new to this.

Never mind I got it! Thanks y’all :blush:

Can someone help me?
I can’t get Sian to sit properly

Get on the episode app and get onto create a story, and then go to your story in the preview, tap directing help on the side, then click spot help, and figure out the coordinates to get her to sit, then replace what you have right now with those coordinates

Also don’t use enters, just make use the stands command

@CHARACTER stands spot 0.000 000 00 AND CHARACTER faces direction AND CHARACTER is action

You have to use spot direction to move your character where you want them on the screen: Spot Directing (Moving Characters Around)

It says that I can’t have another character right after another one and I don’t know what to do to fix it! Nothing is working!

Can you post a screenshot of your script?

I don’t know how to fix this

Remove the word “at” from Jax’s command, and remove “stands screen left at” from Sian’s command.

@/JAX stands at screen right and JAX faces left
@/SIAN stands screen left at spot 1.289 71 -164 and SIAN faces right and SIAN is sit

When you want a character at a specific spot, the format looks like this:
@CHARACTER spot % x y

You need to put a space between 71 and -104

Thank you :smile:

Hey! I need some help :frowning: It says “The label ‘sniffer’ doesn’t exist.” Even though it’s right there! T-T

@SELVETTE starts idle_awkward

&AXEL exits right and LANCE exits left

label avatar_0

label sniffer <— Right there!
@zoom reset
@zoom on 150 350 to 165% in 0

What nose would you like?

“Bulb” {
@SELVETTE changes nose into Bulb
@SELVETTE starts idle
goto sniffer
“Elven” {
@SELVETTE changes nose into Elven
@SELVETTE starts idle
goto sniffer
“Grecian” {
@SELVETTE changes nose into Grecian
@SELVETTE starts idle
goto sniffer
“Mature Round” {
@SELVETTE changes nose into Mature Round
@SELVETTE starts idle
goto sniffer
“Refined” {
@SELVETTE changes nose into Refined
@SELVETTE starts idle
goto sniffer
“Roman” {
@SELVETTE changes nose into Roman
@SELVETTE starts idle
goto sniffer
“Round” {
@SELVETTE changes nose into Round
@SELVETTE starts idle
goto sniffer
“Looks great!”{

goto avatar_0


You have the label “sniffer” right after the label “avatar_0”. You can’t have a label right after a label like that without something between them.

I don’t understand why I get an error here. As you can see, there aren’t any errors in the first choice. I hope you can help- Thank you :slight_smile:

That goto on line 2600 should not be there, so remove that line and then move "School 2" { up so that it’s right beneath the bracket on line 2598, so that it looks like this:

"School 2" {

I want one of my characters to change hairstyles but when i put in the command:

@CHARACTER changes hair into Long Feathered

An error comes up saying that the chosen hairstyle does not exist. Do you know what might’ve caused the problem?

Did you spell your character’s name correctly? Can you post a screenshot of your script?