SCRIPT ERRORS you just can't seem to fix!


You must have not copied the entire template. That label is the very very first part of the template.

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THANK. YOU. also…


You don’t need that label, so just delete it from your script.

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tysm x


ALSOOOOO… i wanna add in a customization option for their own name (if that makes ANY sense?) what do i write?

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I want that @JACY put the shoes from @BELLA off but if i do this then bella has the whole episode no shoes on… what i need to enter?


Just refresh the page


What do I do if it says Unexpected NOWAITSEQUENCE?


Hi sorry to bother ,but I have an error saying “You can’t have one character immediately following another” I don’t know what I did please help


Can you post a screenshot of your script



You need a period or exclamation point for the dialogue on line 399


Thank you :wink:


I keep getting the “EXPECTED CHARACTER OR SCENE CHANGE” only for this line then when I delete it, it makes says the same thing for other lines when the characters are speaking. I even tried putting parenthesis around the “talk_sad)” but it said the same thing.

for example

@MIKA talk_sad
Finally I finished packing my things so I can leave this place”

please help!!!


Can you post a screenshot of your script.


Kinda crappy for my first story lmao


The format for dialogue look like this

CHARACTER (animation)

Remove the @ sign.


For all, correct?


Yes for all dialogue