SCRIPT ERRORS you just can't seem to fix!

Hey Dana, in the last episode of my story i’ve let the readers choose them outfits and for the next episode I wanted the script to have the MC put the chosen outfit back in the previous episode but, there is this error “unexpected block_begin” that i can’t fix, here it is.

if (weareptwo is “PASTCHOICE”){

@MC changes into OUTFIT

} elif {

@MC changes into OUTFIT2

} else {

@MC changes into OUTFIT3


Can you please help me?

What is the error message you’re getting?

Remove the @ sign from your character’s name. You do not need the @ sign when you have dialogue.

You need to have something next to the elif just like the if

Please read this guide: DARA’S GUIDE: Remember Choices with if/elif/else

I did what you’ve told me to do but there is another error script and it says: Unexpected expression: did you leave out the word “choice” or forget to put a character name in all caps.
That’s what i did

if (weareptwo is “PASTCHOICE”) {

@MC changes into OUTFIT

} else (weareptwo is “PASTCHOICE1”) {

@MC changes into OUTFIT

}elif (weareptwo is “PASTCHOICE2”) {

@MC changes into OUTFIT


Sorry for bothering you but please help me

btw: i went to the guide How to remember past choices but, there is always errors in my script again and again

thanks!! it’s finaly working

It says that these entries do not exist, they all have the goto before as well
goto femlcc_brows_x
goto femlcc_face_x
goto femlcc_mouth_x
goto femlcc_x_end

I’m not sure what’s wrong because I copy and pasted from the template in your link, I haven’t changed anything at all other than changing the femaleavatar to my characters name.

Other than following the script code choice, there’s nothing else there. This is new for me so I’m not sure what if/elif/else code is. This is exact how it looks in the script, so I don’t know what’s wrong or how to identify it because nothing is different from the template other than adding my characters name.

“Hair” {
goto femlcc_hair_x
} “Eyes” {
goto femlcc_eyes_x
} “Eyebrows” {
goto femlcc_brows_x
} “Face Shape”{
goto femlcc_face_x
} “Nose” {
goto femlcc_nose_x
} “Mouth” {
goto femlcc_mouth_x
} “This is perfect!” {
goto femlcc_x_end

Did you put the entire template inside of a choice meaning did you ask your readers if they want to customize or not then put the template inside the “Yes I want to customize” choice option?

Yes but everything that was entered was copied from the template provided. Should I remove the word choice from the script completely?

Please read this carefully

I’m following this template exactly and still getting an error. I have no clue what I’m doing wrong :confused:

Did you read what I quoted above?

You CANNOT put the template inside of a choice

It still didn’t work. Do you have anymore advise?

What does your script look like now