SCRIPT ERRORS you just can't seem to fix!

@Isra2004 @Sunshinestudio can you both post your scripts please?

Hey Dara, I just wanted to say how much your forums helped me, but I have a problem, which is actually the female hair, and lip customisation.

pls help me!

That label is the very last part of the template. Did you delete accidentally or did you not copy and paste that part? Just add that label at the end.


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OMG! It worked! Thx sooo much!

hi just wanted you to know that I’m kinda new to this so it might be something kinda obvious that I missed hahaha

Okay so for spot placement, the formatting looks like this:

@CHARACTER spot [scale] [y] in zone #
@CHARACTER walks to spot [scale] [y] in [time]

You can learn more about spot directing in THIS GUIDE

Thank you sooooo much! Would you mind if I gave you a shout out at the end of the episode?? :smiley:

Sure go ahead :smile:

Hello! I have a script error- I want my character to appear off the side until I pan over into zone 2 (I’m starting in zone 1). For some reason, it will only let him enter from the right and then go to zone 2, so it always shows a bit of him in the beginning of my scene. How do I fix this?

@JANITOR enters from right to screen right in zone 3

Do you want your character to just be placed in zone 2?


Can anyone figure out why this part of the script is giving me an error?

@zoom on 431 181 to 224% in 2

LILLIAN is (talk_handsonhips)

I am loving this new tranq gun. (this part is the error)

@NOAH is nod_loop

You don’t need to use the “enters from” command. You can place him in the scene just by using this:

@CHARACTER stands screen [position] in zone #

Remove that “is” between the character name and the animation.

Dialogue should just look like this:

CHARACTER (animation)

oh my goodness thank you so much for all of your help you are a lifesaver :slight_smile:

Hi there! I tried editing one of my choices and now I’m getting this error code above my previewer.

I’m not seeing any errors in your script so far. Does that preview error message start at that choice?

I’ve seen quite a few people talking about getting that same error above their previewer. I think it’s a glitch, not you. Hopefully they fix it soon!

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Hi I have kind of a funny question- after a bunch of my character animations there seems to be funny pauses a lot of the time. For example, after a punch_jab, there is always a slight pause. Is there any way to fix this?

The punch animations happen so quickly so there’s a slight pause at the end of the animation to make the animation a full beat (1 second).

If you don’t want that pause and want the next punch to happen immediately, use the & sign and pause for less than a second.

&CHARACTER is punch_jab
@pause for 0.7
@CHARACTER is punch_jab